About Bluegrass . . .

Bluegrass Inspections performs home inspections using the highest 

standards found in the home inspection industry:

  • We provide exceptional customer service 

                 a. by entering into a written agreement with our Client prior to the inspection

                 b. by submitting a written report with pictures within 24 hours after the inspection

  • We keep the cost for services low compared to the high quality of service we provided. 

  • We promise to lower our pricing 5% below any comparable bid, if in fact the bid is proven comparable to our level of service and advanced inspection standard.

  • We will give a 100% satisfaction, money back, guarantee up to 15 days after the home inspection (excluding ancillary inspections and/or testing) for any substantiated claim.


In order to typify a high quality of service and an advanced inspection standard we have chosen the name BLUEGRASS.  INSPECTIONS are what we perform for the betterment of the housing industry.




Jerry W. Hardisty

Certified Master Inspector ®


Licensed Home Inspector # HI01400023

Residential Inspector

InterNACHI infrared Certified Residential

Radon Measurement Specialist & Mold Certified


                      Primary Radon Tester, License # RTP00708                            

Do Something Wonderful

"To consumers [clients], it is instantly evident without any need for further explanation or support, that a Certified Master Inspector®  is the best.  And when consumers come to a point where they think they have found the best, they do something wonderful: they stop looking." (excerpt from Stacks by Nick Gromicko, Author, Certified Master Inspector®, and Executive Director of the Master Inspector Certification Board.)



"Jerry was very thorough and helpful throughout the entire home inspection process. He is very friendly and promptly responded to all my requests and questions. He also lined up [water] well and septic specialist quickly and efficiently so the sellers were inconvenienced as little as possible. I recommend Jerry with two thumbs up."  Robert Blouch

"Very thorough would recommend Jerry if you are buying a house. " Tyler Howell

When a Client asks me to do a home inspection, I don't just walk into a home and start inspecting it haphazardly.  I perform home inspections according to a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and have agreed to exceed the standard to allow for warranty coverage. With this in mind, you can rest assured to receive a Home Inspection Report that points out the home's material defects, as described in these standards.  You can also have peace of mind that I will be performing the inspection in your best interests, especially since I am board certified and held to the highest Code of Ethics in the inspection industry. --Jerry Hardisty

Additional Certifications


InterNACHI Membership & NEIAOR Affiliation