Over $110,000 in Home Protection Coverage . . . .

Residential Warranty Services Inc. (RWS) will provide warranty coverage for: 

• Structural + Mechanical Coverage

• Underground Sewer + Water Lines

• Visible Mold

• Roof Leak Repair Coverage

(A $10,000 value-deductibles apply)

Including a free $100,000 Structural Warranty for the 1st year after the inspection. It's renewable.


Your Major Appliances will be checked for Recall


 RecallChek is an Appliance Recall Reporting System that identifies any appliance recall that may exist on the attached appliances in this home. Included with each RecallChek Report is Recall Protection for Life. Each month you will receive a RecallTrak newsletter. If any new recalls have been released on the appliances in your home, you will be notified through a newsletter.  

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Your Mechanical and Structural Protection


 The 90 Day Warranty is a limited warranty that covers certain mechanical and structural defects that may occur after your home inspection.  

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Your Home will be Environmentally Safe


 A MoldSafe policy covers certain issues that may arise due to mold following your home inspection. Your MoldSafe policy will be valid for 90 days following the home inspection. 

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Your Underground Utility Lines are Protected


 SewerGard covers certain issues that may occur with your sewer line after your home inspection. SewerGard is valid for 90 days from the date of inspection.  Click here to read complete terms and conditions 

Your Home will be Protected from Termites and Carpenter Ants



The Termite Protection Plan   covers certain issues that may arise due to Termites and Carpenter Ants following your home inspection. The Termite Protection Plan is valid for 90 days following a free Termite Inspection where no wood destroying insects were reported with a full home inspection.

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Your Roof will be Protected from Leaks for 5 Years



The Platinum Roof Protection Plan   covers certain roof issues that may arise following a home inspection.   The Platinum Roof Protection Plan is valid for 5 years from the date of the   home inspection. 

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Coverage free with every Home Inspection (over a 110k value)

Coverage for Radon Gas (conditions apply)


 This plan is only applicable to properties where both of the following conditions are met; 1. This test is the first and only test done in the preceding six month period at this property. 2. The results came back under 4.0 PCi/L.

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Get Your Questions Answered


 Home Owners Resource is a membership based service that provides homeowners with easy access to the information they need to properly maintain and manage their property. Login to your account to get in touch with our team of experts who are here to help with any question you have about your home, from maintenance and repair questions to project advice, we are here to help. Home Owners Resource is offered exclusively by home inspectors approved by Home Owners Resource. click here to see resource details

We can take the stress out of moving with this Amazing Service


 Each Client of Bluegrass Inspections is eligible for Full Concierge and Utility Set-Up. Take the stress out of moving with Utility Set-Up assistance. You will also have the opportunity to set up your other home services such as cable, phone, internet, and home security. The concierge service reaches out to you after your inspection. This is a one-stop service and one call does it all!  

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18 Month Warranty


The plans and warranty explained above qualifies THE CLIENT for an offer on an 18 Month Home Warranty  for the price of a 12 Month Home Warranty.  The cost is determined by the square footage of the home.  

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Security Alarm System


Alarm Monitoring features you

won’t find anywhere else like video monitoring from your smart phone. Don’t miss out! If you

need to get an alarm system before we reach out to you, give us a call at 1-800-544-8156 and mention your Home Inspection provider (Bluegrass Inspections). You’ll

get discounts on your homeowner’s insurance, a system from one of the leading brands of hard

wired or cellular based alarm systems, and a deal that makes it a NO BRAINER.  click here to view video

120 Day Sellers Warranty

This plan is for the Seller of the home.
This would be used when doing a Pre-Listing Inspection.

This warranty is for the Seller of a home who have a desire to provide a warranty on the home prior to the sale.  This protection is a Mechanics and Structural Warranty provided free of charge by your home inspector as a part of your paid and completed home inspection.

$100,000 Structural

The Warranty is provided with every fee paid inspection up to 1 year and is renewable after the term