OUR BUSINESS was established in 2014.  The Place at Walnut Corner LLC is registered with the Indiana Secretary of State's office, and is doing business as Bluegrass Inspections.  The Bluegrass name was inspired by one of our founder's fathers, Charles Robert Cruse.  He was a man of great faith and grew up in a time when an agreement based on a handshake meant something, and a man's word was his bond.  Bluegrass Inspections strives to emulate those values everyday.

OUR SERVICES are designed to provide you with a means for buying your next home, which in most cases is one of the most important decisions you will make in your  life.   We can provide you with answers, concerning the home you're considering buying, that ultimately can lead you in making the decision to purchase your next happy home.   In most cases this begins by requesting a home inspection:

  • A general home inspection will provide you with a visual examination of the home's major structure, systems, and components that are visible and safely accessible.  The Inspector will substantially adhere to the International Association of Certified Home Inspector's Standards of Practice, and he will perform an "Advanced Inspection Standard" to cover warrantied items.  You will receive a home inspection report with colored pictures, within 24 hours of the end of the inspection.  Our home inspections start at $400, and pricing is based on the finished and unfinished square footage of the home.



  • FREE NXT Structural Warranty (a 1 year $100,000 value)


  • FREE Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (Termite Inspection), with an industy written report

  • FREE 90 Day Limited Warranty [mechanical and structural coverage]

  • FREE Platinum Protection Plan [5 Year roof leak protection coverage]

  • FREE Mold|Safe Protection Plan

  • FREE SewerGard Protection Plan

  • FREE RecallChek on major appliances

  • FREE Homeowner's Resource [help when you need it, with advice from a qualified professional]

  • FREE Radon Protection Plan [Applicable when a radon test is proven to be below EPA action level]

NOTE: Conditions found at the inspection may be considered pre-existing and may not apply to these free coverages. 

Go to the RECALLCHEK page https://websites.godaddy.com/our-services for more informations 


Residential Warranty Services, Inc., who has offered home warranties since 1988, will offer you an 18 Month Home Warranty for the price of a 12 Month Warranty, for using Bluegrass Inspections as your home inspection provider. Yes, another 6 months FREE, when you order a full home inspection from Bluegrass Inspections. 

NOTE: Click on "RecallChek" above to go to a page explaining each Warranty & Protection Plan.


  • First-Time Home-Buyers

  • Seniors (65 and over)

  • Military (Veterans Active & Non-Active Service Personnel)

  • Professors, Teachers & Coaches 

  • Medical Professionals

  • Firemen, Policemen, and Public Works Professionals

The Radon Gas Test is discounted to encourage homeowners to order this test.  "Nearly 1 out of 3 homes in Indiana is estimated to have radon levels greater than the EPA action level of 4.0 pCi/L. The American Cancer Society reports 21,000 deaths each year from lung cancer from exposure due to radon gas."


  • Well Water Testing will be performed by a Certified Laboratory and submitted in a written report directly to the Client. "Everyone should have their water tested for bacteria, nitrates, and lead when they move into a home with a private well, and at least every few years after that." -Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department,  Purdue University updated May 2018.

  • Well Flow Rate Tests are required by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) at a flow rate of 3-5 gallons per minute for older wells, and a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute for newer wells.