The following five protection plans are included at no additional cost to the home buyer when ordering our general home inspection.

Click on each of the 5 icons for details concerning each plan, and watch the short videos that accompany each. But don't stop there! These five plans qualify you for an 18 month home warranty.

The Radon Protection Plan is also included at no cost if a radon test is performed along with the home inspection, and the test results are below the EPA action level. Click on the Icon for details:

The protection plans listed above qualifies the home buyer for an exclusive offer on an 18 Month Home Warranty and a discounted home security system. Click on the icon to fill out the application for the 18 Month Warranty. This is a 12 month warranty, but for choosing Bluegrass Inspctions you get an extra 6 months free:

For Agents:

For Buyers: